Sunset Park Wide Open is back!

October 14-16th, join us for a weekend of open studios, exhibitions,
and events, all across Sunset Park.

See below for the full list of events, exhibitions, and open studios.

Promotional support provided in part by the NYC & Company Foundation and the Office
of The Brooklyn Borough President, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council.
Thank you to our geneurous sponsors for their support of Sunset Park Wide Open! 

169 54th St Studios

169 54th Street

Friday 10/14, 6 - 9 pm
Saturday 10/15, 11 - 5 pm
Sunday 10/16. 11- 5pm

Built in 1925, 169 54th Street was an industrial factory for most of its history before being converted into its current use, housing a variety of studios and businesses including artists studios, woodshops, music spaces, small batch food production, small businesses and more.

Open Studios:
#316 - Rachael Scharf: RachaelPots Ceramics - We are a small pottery production studio with a line of hand-thrown functional wares. Ceramics seconds sale: Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm.
#316 - Sasha Hill: Ceramic artist and teacher creating small batches of unique and functional pottery pieces. Ceramics gallery/sale: Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm.
#205 - Iliana Emilia Garcia: Visual Artist Open Studio
#220 - Joshua Peters: Visual Artist/Painter Open Studio
#214 - notpaulsimon: Visual Artist Open Studio
#301 - Alan Barnes Netherton: Visual Artist Open Studio
#329 - Yi Hsuan Lai: Visual Artist, Photography and Sculpture Open Studio

Art Cake

214 40th Street

Friday 10/14- 5-7 pm
Saturday 10/15- 1-6 pm
Sunday 10/16- 1-6 pm

The artists of the Art Cake Studio Program are pleased to announce the program’s open studio event with a reception for the artists on Friday, OCT 14 from 5-7P and continuing through the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, OCT 15-16 from 1-6P each day

About Art Cake
Located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Art Cake is an organization dedicated to providing
space for production and opportunities to explore creative practices. The 13,000 square foot building was renovated by Smith & Sauer, in close collaboration with the founders. It features a multi-room exhibition and event space that can accommodate a wide variety of events, from art exhibitions and installations, to film shoots, performances, lectures, and dinners on the ground floor and a complex of affordable artist studios on the second floor. The revenue generated from renting the ground floor allows Art Cake to maintain a self-sustaining model in support of artists working in New York City.

Art Cake Studio Program
Art Cake studio program provides individual workspaces to artists from around the world working in a variety of fine art disciplines. Rotating the artists in residence every one to two years, the mission is to build and support a diverse community of artists working in New York. The complex on the second floor is comprised of ten studios and a shared communal area.

Open Studios:
Layo Bright, Jim Condron, William Fleites, Carolyn Forrester, Carl E. Hazlewood, Justin Natividad, Riley Strom, Kate Liebman, Melika Abikenari, Cordy Ryman (at 226 40th Street)

Court Tree Collective

51 35th Street, BLD #5
2nd FL, Suite B236

Friday, October 14th, 12 - 6 pm
Saturday, October 15th, 12 - 6 pm
Sunday, October 16th, 12 - 5 pm

Bill Brand’s Masstransiscope
The greatest American art form,
Louis Sarowsky, Clarence K.

Court Tree Collective was established in 2013 by a group of artists and creatives with the primary purpose of representing and supporting the work of emerging and established contemporary artists. Since its opening Court Tree Collective has been a staple to south Brooklyn’s emerging art scene and in a short time has exhibited a number of important exhibitions. In addition they have curated a number of exhibitions at satellite locations throughout the states and abroad.

About the Exhibitions:
Court Tree Collective proudly presents Bill Brand's limited edition Masstransiscope print portfolio. For the first time ever all 57 prints will be exhibited, corresponding to the 228 animated “frames” of the artwork in the subway, an iconic part of NYC’s public art history.

Court Tree Collective proudly presents The greatest American artform. A dedication to skateboarding and its contribution to global culture. This three part exhibition includes the professional skateboarder/artist (Louis Sarowsky), the photographer (Clarence K.) documenting the modern skateboarder, and skateboarders and admirers (group exhibition) presenting their versions of the skateboard deck.


132 32nd St, Suite 108

Friday 10/14, 6:30-8:30pm

Genspace is the world’s first community biology lab — a place where people of all backgrounds can learn, create, and grow with the life sciences. Since 2009, we have served the greater New York area by providing hands-on STEAM education programs for youth and adults, cultural and outreach events for the public, and a membership program to support New York’s community of creatives, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Biology Lab as Studio: Join Genspace for presentations by artists and designers who work in collaboration with bacteria, plants, and fungi to explore new materials and new modes of thinking. What can we learn from non-human life forms? What is the role of care and experimentation? And what future can we envision or create in the lab?

Presenters: Kathy Mu, Iz Nettere, Aradhita Ajaykumar Parasrampuria, and more.
Presentations followed by a meet-and-greet with drinks and light snacks on the rooftop patio.

International Contemporary Ensemble

Art Cake
214 40th Street

October 16th, 1-3pm

Floating Verses: Community Music Box Workshop
Free Workshops: 1-1:45pm & 2-2:45pm at Art Cake

The International Contemporary Ensemble is an artist collective that is transforming the way music is created and experienced. The Ensemble’s 36 members are featured as soloists, chamber musicians, commissioners, and collaborators with the foremost musical artists of our time. Works by emerging composers have anchored the Ensemble’s programming since its founding, and the group’s recordings highlight the many voices that weave music’s present.

About the Workshop:
Phyllis continues Floating Verses, a global community music-art piece that invites participants to create their own music box strip.  Participants design, draw and punch out their own tunes on music box punch tape. Eventually, these strips are connected together in a quilt-like fashion, adding to the fabric of sound collected from other participants in previous workshops.

The sounds you hear during the workshop are strips from the following places/workshops:
University of Ioannina (Greece)
Far North Festival (Illulisat, Greenland)
Morris Museum (Morristown, NJ)
Philly Magic Garden (Philadelphia, PA)
Ben Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA)
SUNY New Paltz, NY
Abrons Arts Center (NYC)

Described by The New York Times  as “spellbinding” and “delightfully quirky matched with interpretive sensitivity,” Phyllis (2022 Guggenheim Fellow, 2019 Cage-Cunningham Fellow) is a composer, pianist and sound artist whose music draws from her tactile exploration of object and sound.  She has performed her music at Lincoln Center, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Abrons Arts Center, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Los Angeles County Museum, Baryshnikov Arts Center and numerous other places.

Industry City Studios

Building 5, 67 35th Street, 3rd Floor

Studio B331 - Jeanette May: visual artist primarily working in photography.
Friday, 10/14,  5 – 8pm
Saturday, 10/15, 1 – 5pm
Sunday, 10/16, 1 – 5pm

Suite B314 - Pavel Kraus: Sculptor Painter, Working in amber, natural resin, and marble
Saturday 10/15 12-6pm
Sunday 10/16 12-6pm

Studio B317 - Erin Juliana and Adam Murray: Erin is a fiber artist and painter who uses the structure of the grid and the fluidity of textiles as a metaphor for the imperfect nature of the human body. Adam combines found objects with handcrafted elements to create sculptures that are simultaneously playful and looming.
Saturday 10/15 12-6pm
Sunday 10/16 12-6pm


201 46th St 2nd, 4th Fl

Friday 10/14, 6 - 9 pm
Saturday 10/15, 1 - 5 pm

J&M STUDIOS provides short and long term based rental work spaces essential for a community that seeks to develop their creative works and build their professional career.

Open Studios:
Alec Burns, Andrew Schwartz, Angela Kehlenbeck, Douglas Paisley, Fred Fleisher, Homer Shew, Jaret Vadera, Jean Auguste Alix, Judy Giera, Julia Elsas, Kalya O'Donoghue, Katerina Pansera, Katherine Kisa, Katherine Vetne, Lucia Warck Meister, Lucy Nordlinger, Maryam Turkey, Matt Ro, Nadia Ackerman, Naomi Nakazato, Natalie Birinyi, Niamul Bari, Nikolina Kovalenko, Peter Walsh, Rachael McArthur, Rhonda Weppler, Richard Kessler, Richard Rosenblatt, Rives Wiley, Robert Melzmuf, SiSi Chen, Sophia Chizuco, Tara Ohanian, Umber Majeed, Veronika Golova, Vivek Sebastian, Weston Frazor, Ying Hung

MakerSpace NYC

Brooklyn Army Terminal Building B Unit 1C & Building A Unit 5N-1
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Tours of MakerSpace (Building A & B)
Saturday 10/15, 11am - 4pm
Sunday 10/16, 11am - 4pm

Exhibition Opening (Building B)
Saturday 10/15, 2pm - 4pm

Makerspace NYC is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to building economic growth and supporting innovation in our community. Our mission is to promote creativity and collaboration across disciplines and to make technology accessible to anyone who desires to make or invent something, regardless of skills or experience. We seek to support individual entrepreneurship and help sustain artists, craftspeople, engineers, hobbyists, inventors, and other groups by offering low cost access to a facility that houses industrial and digital fabrication equipment including metal shops, woodshops, machine shop, 3D printing, laser cutting, waterjet and other CNC technologies, sewing/textiles, and more.

Our new studio spaces in Building A offer our members private and semi private studios with a dedicated woodshop, metalshop, and ceramics studio. Our education programs support STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) learning and open new doors to learning, creative problem solving, and invention through the sciences, new technology, and vocational skills for all ages.

Visitors will be able to tour our makerspace in Building B and our new studio space and fabrication shops in Building A. Artists, makers, and craftspeople will be working in both spaces and will have their work on view.

Exhibit: Architectural Studies in Sacred Geometry by Paco Levine
Saturday October 15th 2-4 pm

NARS Foundation

201 46th St 4th Fl
Brooklyn NY 11220

Friday 10/14, 6 - 9 pm
Saturday 10/15, 1 - 5 pm

NARS Foundation is a not-for-profit arts organization committed to supporting artists and curators on a local and international level through a residency, exhibition and outreach programs.

As part of the Sunset Park Wide Open Event, NARS is pleased to present in the Main Gallery Gathering: Moon Phase, an exhibition by Shane Charles, featuring performances by Kayva Yang and Domenica Garcia. In the NARS Project Space, NARS is pleased to present Undermining, a solo exhibition by Daniel Barragán.

The exhibitions will be on view from October 14th to November 9th, and with an Opening Reception on Friday 10/14, from 6-9 pm.

Additionally, the NARS Season IV Residency Artists, and Studio Relief Program artists will open their spaces to the visitors.

NARS Residency Artists:
Adrienne Reynolds, Ann Kim, Anna Gustafson, Isabella Cruz-Chong, Francesse Dolbrice, Gabriela Těthalová, Hyojae Kim, Kumi Kaguraoka, Linda Sok, MJ Daines, Nicki Cherry, Nicole Ji Soo Kim, Sam Sundius, Sarah Davidson

SPBK Studios

250 44th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Saturday 10/15, 1-5pm
Sunday 10/16, 1-5pm

Individual studios are open to the public during SPWO.

SPBK Studios in Sunset Park is a three-floor former warehouse building with studios used by artists, designers, craftspeople, makers, photographers, musicians, and small businesses.

Open Studios:
#102 - John Jackson, painter 
#106 - Haley Hayden, Kariny Padilla, Jenna Inzetta, artists 
#110 - Phil Falino, painter & filmmaker
#114 - Mollie Ruskin, painting, illustration and multi-media
#113 - Jose Ortiz, Fig. 9, Graphic Design & Illustration
#115 - Jeffrey Kurland, painter 
#204 - Augustus Cross, painter
#218 - Luis Restoy, visual artist
#303 - Talia Levitt, painter
#312 - Alan Prazniak, painter 
#311 - Tracey Jain, knit textile designer
#314 - Jordan Rare, photographer 

Tabla Rasa Gallery

224 48th St
Brooklyn NY 11220

Friday October 14, 5:30-8 pm
Saturday October 15 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Sunday October 16 1:00 - 5:00 pm

The Real Deal Tabla Rasa celebrates talent and authenticity in art. Reception is Friday October 14, 5:30-8 pm

Jenny Toth, Agnes Murray, Janet Morgan, Greg Frux, C. Dimitri, Esteban Chavez, Willie Mae Brown, Tom Bennett, Stephen Basso, Joseph Anastasi, Audrey Anastasi

Friday October 14
Opening reception “The Real Deal”

Saturday October 15
1:30pm - No Bird Brains Here: Reflections on the joy of creating bird reliefs and drawings from life, Jenny Toth discusses recent work
2:00pm - Printerly versus painterly, Agnes Murray and Tom Bennett speak about two approaches to creating monotypes
3:00pm - The Underlying humor in Stephen Basso's art, The artist discusses his work.
4:00pm - Live music with Eddie Karp, Ira Bolterman and Joseph Anastasi

Sunday October 16
2:00 pm - Hello Mussolini, Dimitri's video slideshow of political cartoons and live musical accompaniment (originally performed at Irondale Theatre in 2017)
3:00 pm - Dance and Draw, Artist and belly dancer Janet Morgan will lead a session of making movements and marks

Target Margin Theater

232 52nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Saturday 10/15 5-6pm
Sunday 10/16 5-6pm

Target Margin Theater’s mission is to re-invent what theater can be without any assumptions, in the most inclusive way imaginable. Every experience we create should be surprising, challenging, and delightful for all.

Target Margin Theater Open Studio:    
This October, Target Margin is exploring Pericles by Shakespeare and Others. This is the most open and exploratory phase of our work; core artists will engage with the material in various ways to experiment with different approaches. Anything can happen, and it may not look like whatever you think Shakespeare is.

Core Artists: Dina el-Aziz, costume designer; Leonie Bell, Sound Demon; Ebony Burton, lighting designer; David Herskovits, director; Adam Kassim, assistant director; Kay Voyce, set designer; Eunice Szewai Wong, performer.

Thomas VanDyke Gallery

434 39th St
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Friday, 10/14, 6-9pm (also open from 10am-6pm)
Saturday 10/15, 11am-6pm
Sunday 10/16, 11am-6pm

Mushroom People, Lindsey Ross
September 24- November 5

Thomas VanDyke Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, working with artists who are local to New York City, as well as from all over the world. The gallery has established a reputation for innovative exhibitions featuring an array of materials and artistic disciplines. Thomas VanDyke Gallery has helped to promote and further the creative processes of those artists and seeks to be a platform that can bring attention to their work. Established in 2022, on 39th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Thomas VanDyke Gallery hosts art exhibitions as well as live performances, workshops, community events, concerts, and produces original creative content both online and in the gallery.

Yi Gallery

254 36th Street, B634 FL 6R
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Friday 10/14, 12 - 6pm
Saturday 10/15, 12-6pm
Sunday 10/16, 12-6pm

Artist name: Lilou Oh Yeah
Solo Exhibition
September 24 - October 29, 2022

YI GALLERY program features a diverse roster of emerging and mid-career international artists. Started in 2018 as a curatorial project exhibiting in non-traditional settings, YI has expanded to include a collaborative exhibition space in Bushwick (2020 - 2021). The gallery program continues to evolve with a new space inside Brooklyn’s vibrant creative hub Industry City, launched in 2021. YI is committed to offering a platform for distinctive artistic voices, while enhancing the public’s interaction with contemporary art.
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