J&M STUDIOS provides the work spaces for essential art community for the visual artists only who are seeking to develop their creative works and build the art professional career for the short and long term based rental spaces U.S and international artists. The facilities are designed for community’s the best practice and convenience.

J&M STUDIOS is in cooperation with The New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation (www.narsfoundation.org) that provide opportunities to the community to participate events, exhibitions and public programs which organized by NARS Foundation.

J&M STUDIOS is looking for artists who are passionate to be part of our community designed for visual artists  Our community is unified 63 various size and conditions of studio units with 175 sq ft - 600 sq ft with or without windows in private and secured building and locked studio. Facilities are provided with 12'-15' high ceiling and 24/7 accessible! Communal slop, Kitchen, refrigerators, common area, microwave, ladders, gallery space, brooms, dish soap, recycle art supplies room and freight elevator. 
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  • It's conveniently located next door to a large building supply and hardware company...and a boxing gym, a Bar!
  • 5 min walk to Bush Terminal Piers Park- a beautiful newly opened waterfront park with rec fields and bike paths.
  • Just 10 blocks from Industry City food hall.


Only two express stops between Manhattan and two blocks away from the subway station to the studio.Subway D,N,R stop at 36 ST station then transfer R to 45 ST station.

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