This Sunset Park Wide Open Spring Edition event, co-presented by J&M Studios, NARS Foundation, BioBAT Art Space, Target Margin Theater, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Boccara Art, and Genspace, invites the public to visit exhibitions, to meet artists, curators, and researchers from all over the world and to experience the artistic process and the diverse range of artistic mediums presented in the intimacy of both studio environments and institutional contexts.


201 46th Street
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11220

J&M STUDIOS provides short and long term based rental work spaces essential for a community that seeks to develop their creative works and build their professional career.

Friday, June 7 : 6 - 9 pm
Saturday, June 8 : 12 - 5 pm

Participant artists:
Alison Owen, Andrew Schwartz, Annelise Lillian Jeske, Bari Mohammed, Bat-ami Rivlin, Brendan Sullivan, Caitlyn McLaughlin, Christopher Bradley, Daniel Eric Glass, Daniel Jay Genova, Dayana Romero, Elena Soterakis, Elizabeth Moran, Flora Wilds, Fred Fleisher, Ioana Manolache, Jade Chan, Jahyun Seo, Julia Elsas, Katherine Gagnon, Katya Grokhovsky, Kaushani Patel, Keren Anavy, Kjersti Faret, Laura Hildevert, Lauren Anders, Lauren Cohen, Le’Andra R. LeSeur, Liza Sokolovskaya, Marian Blair, Mattia Barbieri, Monica Mazzone, Naomi Nakazato, Nikki Schiro, Robert Melzmuf, Ruonan Yan, Samantha Morris, Sara Galkin, Sarah Sager, Seungtack Lim, Tadasuke Jinno, Walker Augustyniak, Xavier Petromelis, and Zachary Lefitz. 

Directions: J&M STUDIOS is two express subway stops from Manhattan. Take the “N” or “D” to 36 St. Transfer to the “R” one stop to 45 St. Walk to 46th Street then make a right and walk down 46th street to the building on the corner of 46th and 2nd Ave on the right.

NARS Foundation

201 46th Street
4th and 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Friday, June 7 : 6 - 9 pm
Saturday, June 8 : 12 - 5 pm

Here: A Bit of Everywhere and Everyone They’ve Been

Curated by Vanessa Kowalski
Main Gallery
On View: May 31 - June 21
Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 6 -9 PM
Featuring works by: Louise Tate, Daniela Raytchev, Shoko Masunaga, Guiyoung Hwang, Bianca Boragi, Gyun Hur, Sa'dia Rehman, Paolo Arao, Allison Hunter, Julia Kwon and Zuleyka Alejandro.

The Split Is Vividly Revealed
Project Space
On View: June 3 - June 21
Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 6 - 9 pm
by Romily Alice Walden

Stop Motion Animation Screening
Studio 422
With works created by the students of PS172
Grand prize winners announced on Saturday, June 8, 1 pm

Tabla Rasa Gallery

224 48th Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11220

Tabla Rasa Gallery is delighted to invite open studio visitors. For this event artist/gallerists Audrey and Joseph Anastasi will display their own artwork as well as giving visitors insight into their studio practices. Guest artist Stephen Basso will also show his wildly imaginative neo-surrealist paintings.

Friday, June 7, 6 - 8 pm
Saturday June 8, 1 - 5 pm

Target Margin Theater

232 52nd Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Target Margin Theater was founded in 1991 by David Herskovits on the principle that works of art return us to real truths more powerfully by their divergence from a strict illustration of reality. Through classic and contemporary texts, TMT continuously seeks to expand the conception of what can take place in a theater.
This year’s edition of The TMT Lab: NEWS OF THE STRANGE commissions new works by emerging artists exploring rarely seen stories from The One Thousand and One Nights and early Medieval Arab fantasies.
The lead artists featured are Leyya Tawil, The Million Underscore (Nicolas Norena & Timothy Scott), and Moe Yousuf.

Friday, June 7 at 8 pm
Saturday, June 8 at 8 pm

Tickets start at $20 for one performance and a Lab Pass, to see all three artists' performances, is $45.

BioBAT Art Space

140 58th St
Brooklyn Army Terminal
Building A
Brooklyn, NY 11220

BioBat Art Space is pleased to announce Summation & Absence, an exhibition that features installation work by 6 artists who explore throughout rigorous and long-term research processes unexpected connectivity between science and visual art forms. Ranging from biology to ecology, the exhibition highlights both the difference and the common ground between the artists - their research methods, artistic processes and the resulting diversity in their visual vocabularies.

Friday, June 7, 12 - 6 pm
Saturday, June 8, 12 - 6 pm

Summation & Order
Curators: Etty Yaniv and Christina Massey
Suzanne Anker, Nancy Cohen, Vita Eruhimovitz, Lorrie Fredette, Michal Gavish, and Elaine Whitaker interpret biological systems like DNA and physiological networks related to the human body from different angles.


132 32nd Street
Suite 108
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Genspace is the world’s first community biology lab, a non-profit open access space in Brooklyn offering lab memberships, classes and programs to the public.

Biology Lab as Studio: Show and Tell with Artists at Genspace

Friday, June 7, 6 - 9 pm
Talks and performances starting at 7 pm
RSVP Required

Hear from a community of artists and designers that use the biology lab as their studio. Through a series of lightning talks and performances, we will explore what it means to make work in collaboration with bacteria, plants, and fungi. What can we learn from non-human life forms? What is the role of care and experimentation? And what future can we envision or create in the lab?

BOCCARA Art Brooklyn

198 24th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11232

With its museum-like space spanning nearly 3,000 sq ft, BOCCARA Art Brooklyn highlights an important collection of historically influential artists while simultaneously dedicating its focus on emerging artists as well.

Distant Haptics is an exhibition featuring the work of Hyun Ae Kang.
Hyun Ae Kang (b. 1959) is a Korean artist who often combines vibrant colors with layers of carefully applied paint to create paintings which ultimately serve as reflections of her deeply personal and spiritual meditations.".

A closing reception will be held on Saturday, June 29, 7-10 pm.

Friday, June 7th, 11am-6pm
Saturday, June 8th, 11am-6pm

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